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About the City of Cologne

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Welcome to Cologne!

Located in the heart of Europe, Cologne has something to offer for everyone. Go to our website and get the best online casino. Hurry up to go and start winning. Aside from housing one of the world’s largest trade fair grounds, this historical and bustling city is home to endless attractions, culture and nightlife. There is no such thing as an idle moment when visiting Cologne. During the day, a vast range of museums and art galleries have much to offer for those who are culturally and historically inclined while the after-hours host numerous bars and pubs. The city’s optimal location makes it one of the most accessible locations to both domestic and international visitors alike. Additionally, Cologne has proven to be a growing hub for media opportunities, making it the perfect environment to host conferences such as the Game Developers Conference Europe and gamescom. I hope to see you here this August. Best wishes, Frank Sliwka Click on a link to jump to the section below:

City of Cologne

Cologne, GermanyWhere the cathedral spires tower over Germany’s oldest city and its innumerable cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene. The world feels at home in Cologne, where people meet for a Kölsch, a chat or simply a laugh. Life in Cologne is uncomplicated and vivacious.
Why Cologne?
Centre for Business and Events
  • In the heart of Europe: Large catchment area with a high level of purchasing power (180 million Europeans live within a 500 km radius)
  • Famous for fascinating events: World Youth Day, FIFA 2006 Soccer World Cup, Cologne Carnival, WCG 08 etc.
Media Centre
  • Home to numerous professional partners who will help you establish a goal-oriented media presence
  • Ten TV stations, 1,000 TV studios and production companies, newspapers and publishing houses
Perfect Reachability
  • Cologne Bonn Airport as the biggest low-priced airline hub in Europe, offers direct
  • Flights from over 130 destinations, ICE high speed connection to FRA, AMS, DUS
  • Cologne Train station offers hourly connections to every big city in Europe
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Attractions & Shopping

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne CathedralCologne Cathedral, with its two 157-metre-high towers, has been the city’s famous landmark and Germany’s most famous architectural monument for centuries. It took 632 years for Germany’s largest cathedral to be completed. The cathedral is one of the most important pilgrimage churches in Europe, attracting visitors from all over the world.
Old Town Cologne
Old Town CologneMany are acquainted with Cologne’s old town. Against the backdrop of Deutz and Hohenzollern bridges, the colorful houses are closely packed together, towered over by the Gothic cathedral and Romanesque Church of St. Martin on the banks of the Rhine. Countless restaurants, bars und snack stands in the narrow alleyways offer an attractive place for tourists and locals to spend some time.
Glockengasse 4711
Glockengasse 4711Home to the world’s first internationally acclaimed brand of perfume, Glockengasse 4711 is one of the most well-known addresses in the city of Cologne and an important local landmark. Kölnisch Wasser developed the original eau-de-cologne (Echt Kölnisch Wasser), which was then massively influenced by the French, who took the lead in perfume development. Housed in the original neo-Gothic house, the shop is still a perfumery where visitors can stop by to pick up a bottle of this iconic scent that helped to make the city so famous.
Wahn Castle (Schloss Wahn)
Schloss WahnSituated in the south-eastern reaches of the city, this manor house was once the site of a 14th-century moated castle. Having undergone many transformations over the centuries, the building is currently used by the University of Cologne as the Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung. The castle was converted into a palace in the mid-18th century by the city’s grafen (earls). The interior of the palace is ornately decorated with oil paintings, the most famous rooms being the Garden Hall and the Chinese Room.


Cologne is internationally recognized for its shopping, catering to all types of tastes. Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse house the biggest department stores and famous designer shops. You can also find several trendy boutiques on Ehrenstrasse and Breite Strasse, while Mittelstrasse and Pfeilstrasse are renowned for their exclusive designer outlets. Shopping at the SchildergasseSchildergasse Schildergasse is the most well-known shopping street in Cologne, serving as the main road that connects Hohe Strasse and Neumarkt. It consists primarily of fashion and shoe shops, cosmetic stores, perfume shops, household goods and toys, opticians and restaurants. Neumarkt Passage arcade Discover the world of Neumarkt Passage at Neumarkt with its high-quality specialty stores located both inside and outside of the arcade. This is the ideal place to do your banking or shopping, stop for a bite to eat, or simply relax and watch the world pass by. Shopping at the Neumarkt Passage in the heart of Cologne is an unforgettable experience. Apostelnstrasse Apostelnstrasse is a small, yet elegant shopping street in the heart of Cologne. Here you will find a whole variety of shops here, including opticians, jewelers and goldsmiths. (back to top)

Culture & Arts

Equestrian Statue of Emperor Wilhelm IICulture is an essential part of the buzzing metropolis that is Cologne. The world-class museums attract visitors from all over the world. Moreover, locals of Cologne cultivate extremely lively ancient traditions with the annual Cologne Carnival as the peak of cultural celebrations. Find out more about cultural attractions and museums here. (back to top)

Dining, Nightlife & Entertainment

Food & Drink

Cologne is renowned for its remarkable wealth of places to eat and drink. With everything from gourmet restaurants to its famous brewpubs, the city certainly caters for every taste. Nowhere else in Germany has such a high ratio of bars to people or as many first-rate restaurants. FoodEm Krützche This venerable building in the old town alongside the Rhine houses a traditional restaurant consisting of several dining rooms, serving classical and Rhenish cuisine. “Zur Tant” and “Hütter’s Piccolo” restaurants RestaurantA listed half-timbered building in an exposed location on the banks of the Rhine with panoramic views and a terrace. The bistro offers good homemade cooking, while the restaurant menu features a tempting range of gourmet cuisine. Check out local culinary hot-spots and reccomendations here. For a list of restaurants and ratings, click here.

Nightlife & Entertainment

NightlifeCologne’s nightspots are concentrated in four distinct quarters. Most obvious of these is the area around Gross St. Martin in the Altstadt, which catches the tourists and businessmen, yet manages to create a distinctive atmosphere in places. Down the road from the university, in the southwestern zone, the Quartier Lateng is more like the real thing as far as mingling with locals is concerned, even if it has lost its trendy edge. The Südstadt, or St. Severins Quarter, now has the most stylish bars and cafes, of the pack. The more relaxed Belgisches Viertel, just to the west of the center, is nowhere near as packed or self-consciously trendy. Very few of the night cafes and bars open before 9pm, but they compensate for this fact by staying open until the small hours of the morning. For more information on Cologne’s clubs, bars, beer gardens, brewery taverns and more, click here.

Performing Arts

TheaterConcerts, theatre plays, operas or ballet performances are held nearly every evening. Tickets and informations for all important events can be purchased in advance at the following outlets: Theatre box office at Neumarkt, Tel. 21 42 32 Rudolphplatz theatre ticket box office, Tel. 23 83 57 Köln Ticket, Roncalliplatz, Tel. 28 01 Learn more about Cologne’s theaters and performing arts here. (back to top)

Guided City Tours and Excursions

Boat TourFor the newbie, Cologne offers a great deal of opportunities to experience the city with guided tours and excursions. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, Cologne offers plenty of options to accommodate every visitor’s needs. Check out more information on traveling individually, guided group tours and excursions, and boat trips here. (back to top)
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