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Announced Sessions:

FLOWER: Design Post-Mortem Kellee SantiagoKellee Santiago, President, Co-Founder, thatgamecompany, LLC Flower is known for its simplicity, stemming from an idea to evoke the feeling of breathing nature and the sensation of love giving…. so what took us two years? While evoking the feeling of nature and love have known solutions in traditional passive media, designing an interactive gameplay experience that goes well with, or even amplifies that feeling is almost unheard of. Read more here… Balance of Power: Mechanics and Assets for Flow Maximization Andre Beccu, Lead Designer, Spellbound Entertainment AG This lecture, which is aimed at Game and Level Designers, will explore why exactly we need game balance and what might cause it to fail. Read more here… Effective In-Game Advertising Placements: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly In-Game Ad PlacementsBrian Blau, Director of Developer Relations, Double Fusion This session will review design and implementation aspects of dynamic in-game advertising placements, showing which are effective and well integrated (the Good), which are not effective or poorly implemented (the Bad), and which have failed (the Ugly). Design best practices and integration techniques will be reviewed and the attendee will come away with practical knowledge and examples of how to create effective advertising inside their games. Read more here…
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