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Announced Sessions:

The Challenge of Multisite Game Development: International Project Management At-a-Glance Don Daglow, President & CEO, Don Daglow Interactive Entertainment, Christopher Schmitz, Executive Producer, Ubisoft Entertainment, Adrian Hawkins, Technical Director, Kuju Entertainment Ltd., Jan Lechner, Development Manager, Crytek, Harald Riegler, CEO, Sproing AAA game productions have become bigger and bigger in terms of scope and budget within the last couple of years, which are requiring larger and larger development teams. In order to fulfill the promise and to deliver the best possible game, it’s now required to produce games using complex international multi-site development approaches, which is risky and challenging to manage. Read more here… What Is a Living Plan and How Can We Achieve It? Dorian Kieken, Development Director, BioWare The production planning process has long been the tool of producers and project managers, difficult to decipher for the non-initiated and used primarily to direct the team’s efforts. However, game development production is a rapidly evolving beast, and within one game cycle it’s common to find what worked at the start of the project be dramatically changed by the end of it. Read more here… Knights Of The Round Table: How Publishers Can Make their Developers Create Great Games on Time Erik Simon, Management and Production Consultant, iES Anno 1701Do you think it’s a good idea trying to build a skyscraper into a swamp? This session debunks the subtle mistakes that are often made in the relationship minefield between publishers and developers and how they can derail a project with even the best of project management processes in place. Anno 1701 will serve as an example for the important steps that must PRECEDE a successful project cycle and how to keep up the conditions under which project management methods have the chance to work. This talk is not about theories, but about proven practices. Read more here…
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