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Announced Sessions:

Off-Road Racing Physics, Indie Style Jim BuckJim Buck, CEO, Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment, Inc. This session offers the methods used to implement the 3d physics for a PSP vertical slice racing demo and an unannounced upcoming PC downloadable game. He avoids using physics middleware and instead rolls his own, indie style, to give the game a dynamic not seen in other racing games. Read more here… Compressing Loads of Content Into Only 20MB: A Case Study of SWORDS & SOLDIERS for WiiWare Swords & SoldiersJoost van Dongen, Lead programmer, Ronimo Games Fitting a modern game with lots of content into as small a file-size as possible is a difficult task, but necessary when working on downloadable platforms. Especially on WiiWare, where the maximum file size is only 40MB. This session presents various techniques and best practices to decrease the size of textures, animations, XML-files, audio and the game’s executable itself. Read more here… Quadtree Displacement Mapping with Height Blending: Practical Detailed Multilayer Surface Rendering Two Worlds 2Michal Drobot, Technical Art Director, Reality Pump Game Development Studios This session presents an overview and comparison of current surface rendering techniques and introduces novel approach, outperforming existing solutions in terms of performance, memory usage and multilayer blending. Algorithms and ideas researched during Two Worlds 2 development are shared, proposing strategies to tackling problems of realistic terrain, surface and decal visualization considering limited memory and computational power on current generation consoles. Read more here…
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